About Us

BUTLER SHOP is the epitome of accessible opulence, a distinguished luxury brand within the esteemed BUTLER family. Our Singapore-based design team is devoted to transcending the ordinary, meticulously crafting lifestyle and living products that epitomize exceptional quality and unparalleled design.

Our narrative began to unfold in late 2019, born from a keen observation: our most discerning customers expressed their discontent with the existing market offerings of bed linens. They were caught in a conundrum, where excellence was synonymous with exorbitance, and affordability equated to mediocrity. It was this gap in the market that sparked the inception of BUTLER SHOP – our answer to the call for affordable luxury.

With unwavering commitment, we embarked on a quest to source the finest materials, forging a partnership with a factory whose reputation for quality and reliability mirrored our own standards. Together, we embarked on a journey of innovation, curating a collection that encapsulates both luxury and longevity.

As our story progressed, the dialogue with our clientele deepened. They yearned for designs that weren't just exceptional but also exuded an air of exclusivity. Guided by their insights, BUTLER SHOP evolved, our repertoire blossoming into an eclectic array of premium selections, each with its own unique narrative.

Our mission at BUTLER SHOP is steadfast: to handpick and present products that not only enhance but transform the living spaces of our cherished clientele. Our in-house design team infuses every collection with a touch of limited edition luxury, ensuring each item is not merely a product but a cherished conversation piece, a meaningful enrichment to your abode.

Join us in this journey of transformation, where every product is a testament to our passion, a narrative of luxury, waiting to be woven into the tapestry of your home.