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Pillow Case
Scented Candle
Duvet Cover
Christmas Atelier 2022
Many thanks to BUTLER SHOP Was looking for a bedding set for my son who has sensitive skin and my friend recommended me this. Decided to give it a try and oh my gosh it is worth every penny because he is finally able to sleep peacefully without having to worry about the itchiness or the rash it gives him the next morning. The surface is also smooth, soft and cool to touch so it doesn't irritate his skin. Superb!
Thanks BUTLER SHOP! Super soft and comfortable, glad that I invested in such good quality material bedding set and I love it so much! Always can't wait to go home and lie in bed for a good rest after work!
Dr Doreen
Highly recommended! Thanks Butlershop! I've been a customer of Butler for years and have always been happy with their services. And so I was excited to hear that they had launched a home living department. I recently bought a few products to test and it is amazing. One of my favourite would be the diffusers and bedsheets! The quality is great and the prices are unbeatable. I highly recommend Butler/Butler Shop for all your home living needs.
Premium quality candles! Indeed a premium candle made with quality ingredients, definitely worth the buy. Love it when I am surrounded with a pleasant aroma in the comfort of my home while reading a book and drinking my coffee on a weekend morning. Thanks BUTLERSHOP for making my morning so wonderful!
Smelling good! How can this smell so good?! It makes me wanna stay at home 24/7 because the scent really do boost my energy level and keeps me going whenever I'm having a bad day at work. A super refreshing candle that is worth another purchase for sure!
Angie L.
Satisfied! Did not regret adding this plate to my dinnerware collection. Impressed by the premium quality assured and the unique designs that I don't think can be found anywhere else. The packaging is also beautifully designed. I love everything about the product I received :)
Paul T.
High quality, classy plates and very worth the money Totally worth the money especially if you dine at home frequently. There's no need to go to classy restaurants now that we have these pair of high quality plates for an added luxurious kind of ambience, coupled with a soft tune music playing, dim lighting and of course, a glass of wine to complete the experience all at the comfort of your own homes!
Beautiful plates that I don't think anywhere in the world you could find it! I LOVE THIS WILD SAFARI PLATE! They are so pretty and add a touch of elegance to any meal! I'm using them every day and they make me happy. Proud that my guests and everyone are so impressed with how nice and beautiful this plate looks! It is also very unique and I don't think anywhere in the world have something like this! Good Job! Xxxx, Cassey
Tiff Tiffany
My office uses this diffusers and I bought it for my own as well! My office uses this and I am attract by the lovely scents! EspeciallyI Bergamot Lime scent! I bought two bottles for my own home and I'm very happy with the purchased!